Food glorious food!

Both Paula and I are avid foodies, even going so far as to prefer a man who can wield a wooden spoon over one who can only wield a spanner! Words that conjure up delicious tastes and mouthwatering aromas always have a warm place in our hearts and there’s nothing we love more than getting stuck into the translation or proofreading of a good menu! I’ll never forget the time Paula saved a menu from having "Bartwurst" (bearded sausage) instead of “Bratwurst” and “Cole Slow” instead of “Coleslaw” and I managed to spot “Rauschschinken” (euphoric ham) instead of “Rauchschinken”! Although I must admit, I would have loved to see the puzzled faces of diners faced with those choices for dinner! And everyone can recall sniggering at badly translated menus on holiday, with China, Spain and Italy being amongst the top contenders for the biggest gastro gaffes! Often they are translated by non-native speakers or worse still, by online translation sites! Check out for some prime examples! If you spot any amusing clangers on your travels this summer send us an e-mail to and we’ll publish them in a future food-related blog post! Anyone for “Clams to the sailor's blouse” (Almejas a la marinera) or, for our German readers, “Carpaccio von der Fischklinge” (Carpaccio di pesce spada)? Thought not!

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