A good reference can say more than a thousand words. This is what our clients have to say about us!

“Professional, reliable, flexible and impressive on every level – with an instinctive feel for the perfect turn of phrase and invaluable whenever in-depth specialist knowledge is required. When it comes to more complex matters, Paula always has the context in mind and scores extra points for her accuracy and precision. A pleasure to work with!”


Roland Hoffmann / Managing Director



“Tight deadlines and reams upon reams of words? All in a day’s work for Paula and Galina! I have been working with Trend Translations for more than seven years – on projects including J’N’C Magazine, J’N’C News and Green Knowledge. Not only are they unfailingly professional and reliable, but always upbeat and cheerful as well. A working relationship that I would never want to be without. You rock!”


Cheryll Mühlen / Editor-in-Chief

J’N’C & TM TextilMitteilungen


“We have worked together now for several years; we first met in a café in Berlin-Mitte. Why we have remained loyal to each other? We work with a lot of English film versions of high-quality documentaries for the international market so we commission the best native speaker narrators and actors from Deutsche Welle here in Berlin. They have pointed out on many occasions how excellent Galina Green’s translations are. Anyone acquainted with the audio and translation scene in the diaspora knows how much a compliment like that is worth. After all, it is always easier to criticise. That’s why we’ve remained loyal to Trend Translations.”


Michael Trabitzsch / Director & Producer



“We’ve worked with Paula Hedley for about five years and appreciate her professional translations, in particular with difficult job postings, training concepts and complex business requirements. Paula’s translations are of the highest linguistic standard, she even familiarises herself with technical subjects and queries them in context, as well as being extremely reliable and a very pleasant contact. Thanks to her services we have already been able to win very important clients and boost our international business.”


Claudia Simon / Managing Director

Simon Executive Consultants


“I've worked with Trend Translations since 2006. Whether specialist terms or clever word plays – Paula Hedley and Galina Green always manage to translate our texts into a contemporary English that appeals to our target group. I value their capacity to meet deadlines, their professionalism and in particular their profound fashion expertise.”


Ilona Marx

Editorial / Design / Text


“The best service! All translations are completed quickly and reliably, even at short notice. The quality is excellent and the team is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”


Katrin Schneider Online Editor-in-Chief

Bikini Berlin


“Top-notch! All translations are carried out quickly and reliably, even at short notice. The quality is always outstanding. Paula is a very flexible and likeable translator. Highly recommended!”


Marta Kluczkowski

TV production company


“Galina and Paula are our first choice for creative English translations and commercially effective copy-editing revisions. They both always strike the right chord and know how to give a text that perfect final flourish. We appreciate their professional, uncomplicated approach to work and look forward to many more projects with this lovely team.”


Claudia Link-Beier / Managing Director

Macklin GmbH

(Germering, near Munich)

“We found Paula via her XING profile and are very glad that we have Trend Translations on board. Paula translates texts for an important client of ours in the field of sustainable fashion and she’s a pleasure to work with. We appreciate her friendly nature and professionalism. We can always count on Paula – we know that she will deliver translations on time and within a few days and that she will translate our texts accurately, with the utmost care and in a language that speaks to the target group.”


Alex Vogt & Jana Kern / CEOs 

Kern Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

(Frankfurt am Main)

How do you say ‘messenger bag with piped edging’ in English? And how can I find a witty way to say when someone looks like a dog’s dinner in their latest outfit? ‘He grasped into the toilet’ would be the literal translation from the German! Probably not a good idea, but luckily I don’t ever need to worry about that because I have Paula and Galina who always translate my articles conscientiously, at lightning speed and with a great sense of humour. Regardless of whether it’s a snappy column for a magazine, collection descriptions or tradeshow reports – they can do (and seem to know) it all, making the texts I write as a fashion journalist accessible to an international audience. Thank you, lovely Trend Translations ladies: what would I do without you?”


Gerlind Hector / Journalist

“We are so on the same wavelength, both Galina and Paula know exactly what I mean without me even having to say very much. Before you know it, everything is already translated just the way I envisioned. They know how to transform my creative outpourings into a condensed written form. Like an old couple who only need to look into each other’s eyes to know what they’re thinking!”


Rolf Scheider / Casting Agent

Casting Company Berlin


“When it comes to communicating the beauty of shapes and colours, and especially the statements an artwork is trying to make, it’s essential to find the right words. That’s why we’re happy to have found a reliable and fastidious translator in Paula Hedley, who we’ve been working with for a number of years now.”


Sebastian Pohl / Artistic Director

Positive-Propaganda e.V.


“Galina Green is reliable, competent, friendly and funny, and manages to deliver a tip-top four-page translation faster than I can manage to sum up her skills in a few witty lines. Thumbs up for Trend Translations!”


Kerstin Geffert Managing Director

Silk Relations GmbH