Trend Translations @ Berlin Fashion Week!

Galina from Trend Translations spent a few days last week pounding the pavements of Berlin to discover the latest trends and get up to date with all the new textile and fashion developments at the city’s fashion trade fairs, including the GREENshowroomBread & Butter and the Ethical Fashion Show. Here’s the first of a three-part series about labels that really stood out from the crowd: 

1. Cocccon

These days everyone knows that silk is derived from dropping cocoons (with the live worm still inside!) into boiling water. This company, however, has figured out a kinder, more responsible way, as well as making sure that the women who actually do the work also profit fairly from it. 


Cocccon was founded in 2012 by Chandra Prakash Jha, a designer based in Germany with Indian roots. After a decade spent working on the international fashion scene he felt it was time to try and give back to the poverty-stricken region he comes from: Jharkland. 


Jharkland is renowned for its silk cocoon production, but very little of the profit flows back to the primary workers: it gets lost in a long chain of agents, suppliers and distributors. Prakash, as he is more commonly known, had the idea of returning textile processes like weaving and dyeing back to the area so that the region could profit. 


And instead of throwing the cocoons into boiling water, they are left to hatch naturally, after which the women are trained to slit the cocoons open and slowly retrieve the silk thread. This results in a more natural silk thread with characteristic slubs and irregular thickness.


Cocccon’s beautiful organic silks were on show at the GREENshowroom held in the elegant Adlon-Kempinski Hotel. The textiles are GOTS-certified and make just about the softest shawls and scarves I have ever come across, and Prakash tells me you should keep your eyes peeled for his lovely dresses on the red carpet at the upcoming Academy Awards! 

Check out their website:


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